FCI - Championnat du Monde de Dog Dancing

Les Juges

  Grietje WAGENAAR (Head Judge)

My name is Grietje Wagenaar i live in the top of Holland in the city of Burgum. I live together with my husband, two children and 5 dogs.
Since 2001 I have been involved in the Dog Dance sport. I started with a Chi Tzu and a Papillon. The first years I worked very hard to develop the sport in my country. I am a founder of NDDB organization and setup the judging program in Holland. My hobby Dogs became my job, since 2005 I have a Dogschool in Holland, and do regular dog jobs for film and theater.
Lately i am focusing on the effect of dogs related to personal development. My border collie Floris is best known, between 2009 and 2019 we became 9 times Dutch National Freestyle Champion. We qualified for a lot of OECs and World Championships in Freestyle and last years also in Heelwork, and represent Holland 7th times at Crufts. In 2011 Floris and i were in Holland got Talent and ended with the 12 best acts. Since 2019 my younger Border Collie Onyx also qualified for OEC and World Championship Freestyle.
It is a real privilege to work with Floris we adore each other and I have learned a lot from him. Onyx and I had to get used to each other for longer. Onyx knows very well what he wants. That took patience from me and waiting for him to be ready, we are on the right track now and have lot of fun working together. My main goal is to become a real team with my dogs, I love getting to know my dogs and create a bond based on our strong points without losing my dogs own personality.
I am a judge since 2005 and have done national and international judging, my most nice experiences are judging in South Africa, Denmark. Nordic Championships, Gran Prix of France, and Japan. It is an honor and a privilege for me to be head judge at the FCI World Championships in France 2020. I wish all competitors a very good time in the ring, enjoy your special moment.

Regards Grietje Wagenaar



My name is Vanda Gregorová and I live in Prague. I have been involved in dogdance since 2004 with my first own dog, long haired chihuahua called Brutus.
Actually I have 5 dogs - three chihuahuas and two australian shepherds. My most succesfull dog in the ring was my aussie girl Brandy - she was magnificient heelwork dog, unbeatable in our country - we have won Czech Championship ten years in a row. Brandy has won many international competitions throughout her life.
Among other events, we represented the CZ team four times on WCH-2010, 2012, 2014 and 2017 and each went to the final regardless of HTM, Freestyle on both. My best World Championship was 2012 in Salzburg, Austria - I got 2nd place with Roxy the chihuahua and 3rd place with Brandy in Freestyle and also in HtM. Now my future competition dog is my young aussie Pete, rest of the pack is retired.
I became a judge in 2011 and have since then done a lot of nice judging experiences including Crufts International competition last year, or some big events in Sweden, Russia, Italy, Israel, Switzerland, France, Hungary and more. I'm excited and honoured to be part of such a big event and wish all the competitors the best of luck!