FCI - Championnat du Monde de Dog Dancing


Le Championnat du Monde de Dog Dancing se déroulera à Seltz, Espace Sportif de la Sauer du 25 au 28 juin 2020 (Site web de la ville de Seltz)

World championship 2020 - Le 10 janvier

Seltz is a french town in the north of the Lower Rhine with 3323 inhabitants and located in the heart of Europe, 16 km from Rastatt and 42 km from Karlsruhe in Germany and 50 km from Strasbourg. For the World Championship, the municipality puts a tour disposal the sports area « Espace sportif de la Sauer », mainly dedicated to the practice of handball. On the front of the sport hall is a playground for children and right next a forest and its health course. There are parking options in front of the hall but also in the surrounding area.
For the competitors who come in camping car we ask you to inform the organizers as soon as possible.
All around the hall dogs should be kept on leash. During your walks in the forest, please pay attention to joggers and walkers. Who says forest says also ticks ! Think about protecting your dogs. We would also like to remind you to pick up dog poops all around the sports area.
The sport area consists of two halls connected by the bar and restaurant area. The competition will take place in the large hall. The size of the ring will be 20 X 20 m and the warm up area 10 X 10m. The evolution surface will be the one used in previous years, the blue rubber mats. The judges will be placed back to the spectators in front of the bleachers so that the routines can take place facing also the spectators.
The small room will be the rest area or team zone for the competitors and their dogs. They can put their stuff and crates there. To acces to the warm-up area and the ring the competitors will have to cross the corridor that connects the two rooms guided by a steward. That corridor will be prohibited to the public.
To guarantee performing in the best conditions, will be allowed in the room only the dog in the ring and the one in the warm-up area. Visitors dogs will not have access to the hall.
A changing room will be dedicated to bitches in season which must be announced no later then arrival. They will have the possibility to use the door close to the changing room to avoid as much as possible the problems for the males.
The restaurant area is located at the entrance of the sport hall and if the weather is fine we can also have tables and benches installed outside. We will propose snacks for lunch at the bar, as well as a cake/pancake point. For those who want a meal 2 foodtrucks will be on site. It will be forbidden to eat and drink in the competition space.

World championship 2020 - Le 2 janvier

Registrations are now open!!!
You can find the entryforms below.

World championship 2020 - Le 29 novembre

To answer all questions about the rules concerning the 3 breeds in France: it’s not a dogdance rule it’s the french law for everyday life. We understand that you can be upset but we can sadly not change the law.
The french dogdance people like and respect every breeds and we will be very pleased to welcome all your dogs at the world championship 2020 in Seltz

World championship 2020 - Le 28 novembre

For information :

If you are dancing with a dog of one of the following three breeds :
  • American staffordshire terrier
  • Rottweiler
  • Tosa
you will need, to compete in France :
  • a FCI pedigree
  • rabies vaccine
  • an international certificate of insurance
  • a muzzle outside of the ring

World championship 2020 - Le 27 novembre

Since the beginning of 2019, the FCI commission is looking for a country ready to take over the organization of the dogdancing world championship 2020. To avoid having to give up this event in 2020, the french kennel club (SCC) has willing to host it in France even if we have already candidated for 2022. We sincerely thank all those who trust us to carry out this project. May it be a more beautiful showcase for our sport than hosting such an event, allowing the time of a week-end the best handlers and dogs in the world to perform live. The organisation team is already at work with no more time to loose to be ready in just a few months and we hope to welcome all nations for this event. It’s in the town of Seltz about 60km from Strasbourg and close to german border that the event will take place from 25th to 28th of june 2020 in the sports area (espace sportif de la Sauer). Additionnal information will be communicated to you as our work progresses, you can follow them on the website that will be opened soon and the Facebook page.

Corinne MEDAUER Responsible for Dogdancing